PCB Design

All of Icoteq’s PCB design work is carried out in-house using the latest Altium Designer layout tools.
We specialise in complex, highly technical PCB designs, and using our extensive analogue, digital, and RF design experience you can be assured that performance is ‘baked-in’ to the layout from the start.

Our PCB design expertise extends to the following:PCB1

– Multilayer rigid, flexi, and flexi-rigid constructions
– Low loss and mixed substrates, metal backing
– High speed digital designs (DDR memory, differential pairs and bus routing)
– RF microstrip, stripline, coplanar routing and RF printed structures
– High density design, small form factors a speciality
– Signal integrity, impedance control and EMI integrity
– Blind, buried, micro-via, and via-in-pad designs
– 2D & 3D design outputs for system mechanical checks

Whether it’s part of a broader development, or a standalone PCB design requirement Icoteq can create your optimum PCB layout for you.


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