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    The ICO-TJSB-500-16G is a powerful sensor platform and data aggregator based around a high performance Atmel SAMS70 microcontroller, and combined with a very high speed data interface provided by Toshiba’s TJM35420XLQ TransferJet™ module - up to 240Mbps net data rates are possible. The board measures only 50mm x 40mm and comes installed with Micro Python for fast and efficient programming to get you running quickly. Use cases include wireless memory sticks, wireless back up drives (SSD, HDD), wireless camera feeds (for example through a window), 'life loggers', excercise tracking, surveillance and monitoring and any applications generating large amounts of stored data.    
  • The ICO-TTJ-500 is the ideal platform for those looking to evaluate the capability provided by Toshiba’s TJM35420XLQ TransferJet™ module or develop applications using this technology. This compact (10cm x 10cm) yet fully featured platform is based around NXP (Freescale) i.MX6 quad core processor and provides a wide variety of hardware interfaces allowing developers to fully integrate this board into their own prototyping systems in  consumer, industrial or automotive applications. The kit includes a 5V power supply, plug-in TransferJet coupler, and MicroSD card.  After purchasing this kit you will be given access to Board Support Package software that can be downloaded and installed on the board. Please note, to utilise the TransferJet function you will need an additional ICO-TTJ-500 kit, or a separate TransferJet *USB or *MicroSD module in order to create a TransferJet link. Please read the terms and conditions relating to the use of this product and the Export Control limitations.