TransferJet™ i.MX6Q Hardware Development Platform

TransferJet™ i.MX6Q Hardware Development Platform

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The ICO-TTJ-500 is the ideal platform for those looking to evaluate the capability provided by Toshiba’s TJM35420XLQ TransferJet™ module or develop applications using this technology. This compact (10cm x 10cm) yet fully featured platform is based around NXP (Freescale) i.MX6 quad core processor and provides a wide variety of hardware interfaces allowing developers to fully integrate this board into their own prototyping systems in  consumer, industrial or automotive applications.

The kit includes a 5V power supply, plug-in TransferJet coupler, and MicroSD card.  After purchasing this kit you will be given access to Board Support Package software that can be downloaded and installed on the board.

Please note, to utilise the TransferJet function you will need an additional ICO-TTJ-500 kit, or a separate TransferJet *USB or *MicroSD module in order to create a TransferJet link.

Please read the terms and conditions relating to the use of this product and the Export Control limitations.

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The TransferJet™ module operates on a UHS-I SDIO interface enabling the full speed capability to be exploited when used in conjunction with the cabled coupler supplied. This can be positioned in suitable locations within the developer’s system for optimum function.

*A TransferJet data transfer application is available which currently supports a link between two ICO-TTJ-500 boards only.  The User will need to create additional software in the  ICO-TTJ-500 TransferJet demo application to transfer data with a USB or SDIO module.

Processor Description
NXP (Freescale) MCIMX6Q6AVT10AC Automotive and Infotainment grade, 1GHz, Quad A9 core, with VPU and GPU
Memory Description
4x DDR3 SDRAM 2Gb 128MX16 1.35V Total 8Gb DDR3
Interfaces Description
TransferJet™ – u.fl connector for external coupler Toshiba TransferJet™ module with UHS-I SDIO processor interface
USB OTG – Micro USB 2.0 type AB receptacle USB 2.0 High Speed On-The-Go socket
USB 2.0 Host – USB 2.0 type A receptacle USB 2.0 High Speed Host socket
WLAN – u.fl connector for external antenna 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless interface
Ethernet – RJ45 socket 10/100/1000 Ethernet network connector
Micro SD – Micro SD slot Slot for Micro SD memory card, UHS-I compatible
HDMI – HDMI type A receptacle Socket for HDMI display connector
LCD display – 120 way Samtec QSH-060-01-L-D-A receptacle Compatible with NXP (Freescale) MCIMX28LCD LCD display evaluation board Bluetooth
Bluetooth/LE – u.fl connector for external antenna 2.1+EDR and Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) radio
MediaLB – Samtec QSH-020-01-L-D-DP-A 40 Way receptacle Hardware interface for 6-wire Media Local Bus (MLB) interface up to 150Mbps. Compatible with Microchip OS81110 PHY+ board.
CAN – 9 way D-Sub receptacle 1Mbps CAN version 2.0 B interface
LVDS – Hirose DF19G-30P-1H(54) receptacle LVDS display port capable of 165 Mpixels/sec
MIPI Camera – Panasonic AXK724147G 24 way socket Serial CMOS Sensor Interface connector
CSI Camera – Hirose 40 way plug FX12B-40P-0.4SV Parallel CMOS Sensor Interface connector
SATA – FCI 10029364-001LF Hard disk drive interface, SATA II, 3.0 Gbps
Block Diagram
Icoteq ICO-TTJ-500 Product Brief

Icoteq ICO-TTJ-500 Getting Started Leaflet

Icoteq ICO-TTJ-500 User Guide


i.MX6Q Development Board comparisons with the NXP Sabre MCIMX6Q-SDB and MCIMX6Q-SDP

For more information on some of the key components and technologies used in this product, please refer to the following websites:

Accessories for the ICO-TTJ-500:

NXP (Freescale) produce a touchscreen LCD display that plugs directly into the ICO-TTJ-500.

The part number is MCIMX28LCD and it may be purchased from several large electronic distributors. Please note that one of the standoffs will need to be removed from the screen assembly prior to fitting to the ICO-TTJ-500.

The MIPI camera interface on the ICO-TTJ-500 is hardware compatible with the Leopard Imaging camera LI-OV5640-MIPI-AF.  For more information please visit

The MediaLB interface on the ICO-TTJ-500 is hardware compatible with the Microchip OS81110 Physical+ Interface Board. For more information please visit

This product is an evaluation kit designed for laboratory use only for the purposes of component evaluation and software development by professional engineers. This product is not intended for any other use or incorporation into products for sale.
Icoteq Ltd reserves the right to make changes to this product without further notice.
Icoteq Ltd makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the suitability of this product for any particular purpose. This product is not intended or warranted for use in critical systems where a malfunction or failure may cause loss or injury to life, or damage to property.
Icoteq Ltd assumes no liability whatsoever for this product for any loss or damages howsoever caused, including without limitation loss of profits, loss of opportunities, or business disruption of any kind.
Users of this product should carefully read the limitations of use for any of the components used within this product to assess their suitability for any product or application. Icoteq Ltd does not recommend any of the circuits used within this product as suitable for any particular application. Users of this product are solely responsible for evaluating and determining suitability of using these components and circuits in their own designs. Icoteq Ltd assumes no liability for customers designs and applications.
Do not use or otherwise make available this product or related software or technology for any military purposes, including without limitation, for the design, development, use, stockpiling or manufacturing of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missile technology products (weapons of mass destruction).

This product may be controlled by export restrictions in relation to Weapons of Mass Destruction End-Use, Military End-Use, or sanctions in force at the time of export. Icoteq reserves the right to withhold any shipment if it is suspected that it is affected by this restriction.

Anyone purchasing this product warrants that it is not intended, in entirety or in part, for use in connection with the development, production, handling, operation, maintenance, storage, detection, identification or dissemination of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices or the development, production, maintenance or storage of missiles capable of delivering such weapons.

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