TransferJet™ Sensor Board Development Platform 16Gb

TransferJet™ Sensor Board Development Platform 16Gb

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The ICO-TJSB-500-16G is a powerful sensor platform and data aggregator based around a high performance Atmel SAMS70 microcontroller, and combined with a very high speed data interface provided by Toshiba’s TJM35420XLQ TransferJet™ module – up to 240Mbps net data rates are possible.

The board measures only 50mm x 40mm and comes installed with Micro Python for fast and efficient programming to get you running quickly. Use cases include wireless memory sticks, wireless back up drives (SSD, HDD), wireless camera feeds (for example through a window), ‘life loggers’, excercise tracking, surveillance and monitoring and any applications generating large amounts of stored data.



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This board serves as a tool to explore the benefits of TransferJet™ as a low power wireless interface for moving large amounts of data in very short periods, and as a flexible concept product applicable to many areas of data acquisition, storage and offload in the fields of the Internet of Things (IoT), industrial applications and remote sensor deployments. The board can be powered from a 4.2V Li-ion battery or 5V USB supply which also operates as a charger.

The TransferJet™ module on this platform operates over a High Speed SDIO interface to the microcontroller in conjunction with the surface mount Antenova ‘Zoma™’ coupler incorporated on the PCB. Data transfer capabilities in this configuration can achieve rates up to 240Mbps (net data rate).

TJSB Block Diagram

Features Device Description
Processor Atmel SAMS70Q21A-CN 32 bit ARM Cortex M7, 300MHz, 2048 Flash, 384k RAM
TransferJet™ Toshiba TJM35420 + Antenova ‘Zoma’ coupler Toshiba TransferJet™ module with SDIO processor interface, up to 240Mbps net data rate
Memory 16Gb NAND flash 2x 8Gb NAND flash
Navigation Ublox EVA-7M + u.fl connector for active antenna GPS/QZSS, GLONASS module with 2.8V active antenna supply
Accelerometer 3-axis linear accelerometer Up to +/- 8g acceleration and 800Hz data rate
Compass 3-axis magnetometer Up to +/- 1200 µT magnetic sensor and 800 Hz data rate
Light sensor IR/visible/UV light Integrated IR proximity detector, UV index sensor and ambient light sensor
Acoustic sensor Digital microphone Frequency response up to 10kHz
Temperature I2C digital temperature sensor Accuracy: ±1°C Typical (–10°C to 100°C)
Interfaces Connector Description
Camera Panasonic AXT530124 connector Support for OV5640 5MP parallel camera (XGA 1024x768 image capture, QVGA 320x240 video 30fps)
Touchscreen Display Molex picoblade SPI, I2C port provision and GPIO for external serial touchscreen display
USART + GPIO + PWM Molex picoblade 4 wire USART port, GPIO and PWM audio for headphones
USB High Speed Micro USB 2.0 type AB receptacle USB 2.0 Device/Mini Host High-speed (USBHS) at 480 Mbps. USB power and charging
Battery supply JST 2 way connector 4.2V Li-ion battery supply input/charger
Programming Molex picoblade Serial Wire Debug (SWD) programming interface with Serial Wire Output (SWO) trace



The TransferJet™ Sensor Board is provided with a Micro Python programming interface which greatly simplifies the use of this platform. You can write your own Micro Python application or run one of our example applications to get going quickly:

  • Pedometer
  • Digital Compass
  • JPEG image capture with GPS geo tagging
  • Video recorder
  • Sound recorder


Simply upload your application as BOOT.PY from your PC over a TransferJet™ wireless connection and your application will be run following the next boot.  Debug can be achieved using a serial console, LEDs, and log files and a Python shell is also available via console.









Icoteq ICO-TJSB-500 TransferJet Sensor Board Product Brief

For more information on some of the key components and technologies used in this product, please refer to the following websites:


Accessories for the ICO-TJSB-500:e-con_ov5640

If your laptop or PC does not have embedded TransferJet™ you will need a TransferJet™ USB adapter to wirelessly connect to your board.  These are widely available through Amazon and other online retailers.  For more information please visit and search for "TransferJet".

This product is an evaluation kit designed for laboratory use only for the purposes of component evaluation and software development by professional engineers. This product is not intended for any other use or incorporation into products for sale.
Icoteq Ltd reserves the right to make changes to this product without further notice.
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Users of this product should carefully read the limitations of use for any of the components used within this product to assess their suitability for any product or application. Icoteq Ltd does not recommend any of the circuits used within this product as suitable for any particular application. Users of this product are solely responsible for evaluating and determining suitability of using these components and circuits in their own designs. Icoteq Ltd assumes no liability for customers designs and applications.
Do not use or otherwise make available this product or related software or technology for any military purposes, including without limitation, for the design, development, use, stockpiling or manufacturing of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missile technology products (weapons of mass destruction).

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