Innovative Designs that Open Up

New Possibilities

Icoteq’s RF, wireless and analogue design services capability extends from design analysis and sub-circuit design through to full product design and testing. Whatever your need, we will explore it from every angle and come up with a solution that's right for you.

Wireless Design

Wireless design excellence requires detailed analysis of component performance and system architecture to achieve the best performance of a radio system in terms of range, power efficiency and data integrity as well as to meet the rigorous national and international standards required for product certification.

This understanding is integral to our work which is why we constantly push the boundaries to create wireless solutions that meet the challenging demands of our customer’s radio requirements.

We are experienced in a wide range of wireless technologies, including:

  • Short Range, low data rate: Bluetooth, NFC
  • Short Range, high data rate: WiFi, TransferJet, 60GHz
  • Long Range, low data rate: Sigfox, LoRa, LoRaWAN, ARGOS, Cellular 2G
  • Long Range, high data rate: Cellular 3G, 4G, 5G

We perform complex analysis and simulations to evaluate various radio architectures in systems where interference, signal levels, packet loss and data rates can be determined for a given set of operating parameters. Our transmitter and receiver designs are all optimised for linearity, noise figure and signal bandwidth. From software defined hardware architectures through to the antenna implementation, we are ideally placed to provide full wireless designs for your next radio solution.


Battery Power

Fully mobile electronic solutions require the best performance for a given battery size to maximise operating time and to minimise the size and weight of your product. Our experience in designing for minimal power consumption for battery operated products will ensure the use of the smallest battery for your application, saving weight, space and cost.

We advise on optimum battery choice and charging options with experience in energy harvesting from a variety of sources, wireless and mains charging.

Small Form Factor

Our small form factor electronic solutions pack high performance into the smallest spaces. Compressing a design brings with it many challenges for manufacturability, signal integrity, cross talk and thermal dissipation – and for wireless communications the antenna challenges become severe.

We have extensive experience of solving these problems creating the highest performance and smallest designs using the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques.


Having worked closely with the Icoteq team on a number of projects including the EXP 100 GT, I've always been impressed by their professionalism and ability to successfully deliver rapid technology concepts, incorporating wireless connectivity and electronics in challenging timescales.

Kevin Baker - Head of Modelling and Design Operations, Bentley Motors Ltd


Sensor Integration

In the connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT), the starting point is almost always with a sensor. Our design expertise spans a massive variety of sensor solutions from the mundane to the exotic; sensors capture every aspect of the world around us and our solutions will typically integrate a rich blend of them from thermal and visible imaging to humidity and chemical sensing.

It’s one thing to capture the data but this must also be processed, stored, transmitted and visualised. Our signal/data processing, wireless expertise, cloud integration and visualisations ensure the sensor data gets to to the right place, at the right time.

RF Power Amplifiers & linearisers

We have a specialist capability for designing high power, linear RF amplifiers. Typically used in base stations and other high-power transmitters in the commercial and defence sectors, they are critical infrastructure components requiring advanced RF design capability, PCB layout and thermal design.

We use optimisation techniques such as amplifier linearisation with predistortion for maximising efficiency, saving operating costs and improving range.


Motion Control

To get things moving, you can rely on our skills with a range of motion control solutions from a wide variety of motor types including AC and DC motors, precision linear actuators, stepper motors, and servo motors in applications from small scale part movement to electric vehicle powertrain and beyond into lifts and industrial systems.

We have experience with various motor drive systems whether a standalone motor or a fully networked motor control system and have developed complex motion flight-path control algorithms that govern these systems.

PCB Layout

All of our PCB designs are carried out in-house by engineers experienced in high performance PCB design. Using the latest Altium Designer tools, we’ve delivered complex PCB designs incorporating blind, buried and microvias, and have particular expertise in flexi rigid designs for those applications requiring rugged, space-efficient designs.

3D board visualisations combined with our mechanical design capabilities ensure we can share early virtual concepts of circuit boards or generate 3D printed models for mechanical checks.