The work that we do has a huge range of practical applications. We work across many different sectors for an interesting mix of people and organisations, from inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs to not-for-profit organisations, SMEs and huge global players. Most of our work is confidential which means that we can’t talk about a lot of what we do and who we do it for.

However, just occasionally, we have the opportunity to showcase aspects of our work, as set out in the case studies below. Please have a read through these case studies to find out more about the ways in which we have applied our technologies to meet a specific brief. We hope they will give you useful background to some of our development work and an insight into our approach, the challenges put to us and the solutions we’ve developed to help solve real world problems.


Tracking Plastic Waste with National Geographic

Providing National Geographic with technology to track plastic bottles in the Ganges River and Indian Ocean.

Turtle Tracking

Helping to bring open-source, low-cost technology to the unique problem of tracking sea turtles.

Automotive Prototypes

Putting the technologies of the future into the prototype vehicles of today.