Product Development that Delivers

Real World Solutions

From product concept, through development and prototyping, to NPI manufacture and test, our skills and experience will help you to create the product you need.

We draw on our deep understanding of the physical design, general arrangement and manufacture of a product and how this relates to the user experience in its day-to-day usage, installation or maintenance.

We help take products through pre-compliance testing or full compliance testing as required, and are on hand to rapidly implement changes to ensure successful certification.

Technology Innovation

One of Icoteq’s core strengths is being able to take a new technology and put it through its paces to establish whether it is the right solution for your application.

Whether this relates to a new technology, invention or product, or the application of an existing technology to a new objective, we have the skills and experience to carry out detailed technical analysis and innovation to enable you to decide how, or whether, to pursue a particular technology. This process can be backed up with computer simulations, prototype evaluation and mechanical concept development.


Having worked closely with the Icoteq team on a number of projects, I've always been impressed by their professionalism and ability to successfully deliver rapid technology concepts, incorporating wireless connectivity and electronics in challenging timescales.

Kevin Baker - Head of Modelling and Design Operations, Bentley Motors Ltd


Rapid Prototyping

3D CAD is great but you can’t beat holding the real thing in your hands to fully understand a product. With our in-house rapid prototyping capabilities, we can quickly produce models of circuit boards and product housings that allow concepts to be evaluated at an early stage.

We have high precision FDM 3D print capability for rapid prototypes suitable for fast product understanding while our MSLA 3D print capability allows us to produce very high quality prototypes and carry out small batch production activities. We can generate parts in a variety of materials from tough ABS through to flexible materials similar to rubber or silicone.

Understanding how a product goes together (or comes apart!) is an important aspect of fine tuning the manufacturing or maintenance aspects of a product while the physical look and feel are paramount for the user experience. Questions to consider include:

  • Are we using the right number of fixing points?
  • How long does it take to assemble the product?
  • Is that part strong enough?
  • Is that button in the right place?
  • Can you still see the LED when you’re holding the product
  • Does that cable get in the way?
  • Is it too big?
  • Is it too small?

These and many other questions can be posed, tested and answered with a rapid prototype.