Icoteq Launch TransferJet™ Sensor Board

The latest product from Icoteq is the TransferJet™ Sensor Board Development Platform.  Built around the Atmel SAM S70 microcontroller and including an array of sensors coupled with a large flash memory, the key element of this board is the ultra-fast wireless offload capability provided by TransferJet™.  Operating like a ‘contactless connector’, the TransferJet™ interface is capable of transferring data at up to 240Mbps allowing fast download of stored or live sensor data, upload data for temporary or long term storage, or near-instantaneous firmware upgrades.

It is provided with a Micro Python programming interface, a fast and simple way to get your applications up and running quickly, or you can code your own applications at a lower level for even greater performance.

Sensors included are as follows:sensor-board

  • GPS/QZSS/GLONASS with active antenna supply
  • 3-axis linear accelerometer
  • 3-axis magnetometer
  • Infra red/visible/UV light detector
  • Proximity detector
  • Audio microphone
  • Temperature

A 5MP camera module is supported via a low profile connector on the board. The software provided allows XGA 1024×768 image capture and QVGA 320×240 video capture at 30fps. USB 2.0, SPI, 4-wire USART, GPIO interfaces are also provided along with a PWM headphone output allowing an array of further expansion devices such as SPI touchscreen display or Bluetooth™ modules to be integrated.

This platform is intended as a development tool to explore the capabilities of TransferJet™ as a high speed data interface, especially when coupled with a high performance low power microcontroller such as the Atmel SAM S70 device.  It is also small enough and has the flexibility to form an effective concept product.

Use cases include wireless memory sticks, wireless back up drives, wireless camera feeds (for example through a window), ‘life loggers’, exercise tracking, surveillance and monitoring and any applications generating large amounts of stored data.

For more information about this platform please contact us or visit our website http://www.icoteq.com/product/transferjet-sensor-board-development-platform/