Icoteq TransferJet™ Solution Provider Company

Toshiba have announced Icoteq as their official solution provider company for TransferJet™ products and services.  This announcement recognises the close relationship between Toshiba and Icoteq and follows the success of Icoteq’s products and development work on the adoption of TransferJet™ technology in customers new products.

Icoteq have a suite of software products supporting a range of popular microprocessors enabling customers to ‘drop in’ TransferJet™ capability as part of their new product development.  We also have TransferJet™ enabled hardware platforms that allow evaluation of performance and new applications, and can provide design services support for both hardware and software activities.

If you would like to find out more information about Icoteq and our TransferJet™ products and services, please visit our website www.icoteq.com where you will also find details for how to contact us directly.

TransferJet™ is a new close proximity wireless technology capable of delivering transfer speeds up to 375Mbps depending on host processor capability. With a connection range of just a few centimetres and employing a robust transmission protocol, TransferJet™ combines the ease of use of a wireless connection with the high speeds usually associated with a cable connection such as USB or Ethernet. TransferJet™ is inherently secure due to its close proximity field of operation while being perfectly compatible with additional encryption in the higher layers of the application. TransferJet™ really does offer the simplicity of wireless with the performance of a cable.