New Product – TransferJet Wireless Modules

A new product has been added to Icoteq’s TransferJet portfolio in the form of a tiny plug-in TransferJet wireless module. These modules are capable of the highest speed TransferJet applications running off a UHS-I SDIO interface and acheiving 375Mbps net data rates over the air.

TransferJet Wireless Modules

Measuring just 18mm x 15mm this module is available with either an embedded ‘Zoma’ TransferJet coupler (antenna) or a u’fl socket suitable for plugging in a cabled coupler giving maximum flexibility for it’s location within your product.

The module plugs in to the mother board using a 40-way Hirose FX12B low profile connector with a pinout that has been carefully specified to enable the implementation of multiple radio modules (such as WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa etc) on the same motherboard connector.  This philosophy has already been implemented on Toshiba’s AppLite TZ2000 processor reference board which is available for high performance TransferJet evaluations including “Ethernet over TransferJet” wireless connector solutions.


If you would like further information on the TransferJet modules, the TZ2000 Development Platform, or just want to discuss your own TransferJet developments with us at Icoteq, please contact us through our website at