Toshiba TransferJet adapters now available on Amazon UK

Toshiba TransferJet adapters are now available to purchase through  These adapters are available for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones/Tablets, and Windows PCs and allow you to upgrade your device with the latest TransferJet technology.


TransferJet enables high speed transfer of large data files between two electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.  This means you can share your music, photographs and videos with your friends just by the touch of two devices such as your iPhone with an Android smartphone. You can rapidly archive digital media on your smartphone or tablet just by placing the device close to the laptop.

These adapters allow transfer rates of 200Mbps (220Mbps on iPhone/iPad) meaning you can transfer 100 megabytes of data in just 4 seconds!

If you wish to develop your own devices compliant with TransferJet wireless technology Icoteq offer hardware solutions and software licences for a range of products that interoperate with the TransferJet adapters or with customised hardware that allows even greater speeds of up to 370Mbps between devices. For more information on Icoteq’s TransferJet products and solutions please visit