Toshiba TZ2000 Processor + TransferJet wireless Ethernet Platform

Icoteq have created a new development platform centred around Toshiba’s TZ2000 App Lite processor with the ability to host 1 or 2 TransferJet wireless transceiver modules.  Termed the “TZ2KRM” the platform is primarily focused on wireless connector solutions for industrial applications, and comes with software capable of demonstrating wireless Ethernet bridging over TransferJet and direct data transfers to TransferJet enabled Smart Devices.



Wireless connectors have huge potential in industrial applications since there is no electromechanical interface which means they are well suited to the following applications:

  • Rotating connections
  • Repeated connect/disconnect operations
  • Wet, chemical, humid, or dusty environments
  • Zero insertion force or zero touch requirements
  • Connection through a physical barrier (such as a window)

TransferJet in particular has tremendous potential in the upload and download of high volume data between machines and smart devices such as tablets or phones and the TZ2KRM also comes installed with software capable of demonstrating the capability to transfer files with Android, iOS and Windows devices.

If you would like to find out more about the TZ2KRM platform with TransferJet and how Icoteq can help you develop your own products and solutions please contact us at