TransferJet Applications – Part #2 Machine to Smart Device

TransferJet is a high speed wireless technology offering 375Mbps data transfer speeds with a simple connection based on two small TransferJet antennas (called ‘couplers’) being within a few centimetres of each other. Each coupler is only ~8 – 20mm square.

TransferJet implementations are now available and are being integrated into consumer products such as smartphones, computers, cameras, and printers. This evolution in the capability of such devices opens up interesting opportunities for industrial applications, where smart devices can be used to interact with machines where data needs to be transferred quickly, and often in high volumes.

An emerging use case is in factory or production facilities where it may be desirable to download performance data, log files, or high definition imagery or video files from a machine for analysis. The reverse case is also possible where data is uploaded to a machine, such as reference data for inspection, software updates, new programming data and so forth.

On production lines, many items these days need programming as part of the manufacturing process. Having a TransferJet capability allows extremely fast, zero contact programming of products on the line, whether in consumer electronics, vehicle electronics, or industrial systems.

Installations ‘in the field’ benefit even further from the ability to completely seal a TransferJet system from the elements, and do not require breaking the integrity of a housing or removing connector plugs or caps to get data access to a machine or equipment. Whether this is fixed installation equipment, rolling stock, or portable monitoring equipment, the ability to quickly open up a fast data connection through the simplicity of a wireless connection is enabled with TransferJet.

Security in all cases is guaranteed by the close proximity of the connection, just as if you were plugging a cable in to the machine but without the associated inconvenience, and the instantaneous establishment of the connection gets the data transfer going without delay.

Developing industrial systems like these is now straightforward with the availability of Icoteq’s TransferJet Hardware Development Platform (HDP) Using the HDP enables development to jump straight in at the application software layer and move quickly to a working prototype. Smart devices exist that have TransferJet already integrated, or it is possible to simply use the USB and MicroSD format adapters available to convert smartphones, tablets, camera etc into TransferJet-capable devices that can communicate with your system.

Example application areas:

  • Industrial equipment programming and control
  • Data download from equipment
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Servicing and programming
  • Production line programming where there is limited time window for data transfer

HDP Demo

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