“TransferJet X” – 10Gbps close proximity wireless

The IEEE 802.15.3e-2017 standard has been completed for high rate close proximity wireless communications exceeding 10 Gbps data rate.

802.15.3e-2017 – IEEE Standard for High Data Rate Wireless Multi-Media Networks–Amendment 1: High-Rate Close Proximity Point-to-Point Communications

The TransferJet Consortium and four of its Promoter member companies (Sony Corporation, NTT Corporation, Japan Radio Company Ltd. , and Toshiba Corporation) led a group at IEEE to successfully develop the IEEE 802.15.3e standard amendment addressing the needs of a high rate, close proximity wireless transfer having speeds in excess of 10 Gbps. Expanding on the basic concept of TransferJet, this new standard maintains the intuitive ease-of-use and can instantly transfer any type of data including large 4K definition and VR (virtual reality) video files. In addition, the required connection setup time has been reduced to 2 msec or less, allowing new usage scenarios such as the delivery of content while walking through ticketing gates. ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) of South Korea has also been an active participant and key contributor of various sections of this standardization effort . The TransferJet Consortium will further build upon this standard and develop the total technology and solution as ”TransferJet X”. With the advent of products and systems incorporating TransferJet X handling a growing amount of content traffic and complementing current mobile networks the overall performance is expected to improve. In addition, TransferJet X is expected to drive the growth of new services and applications.


  • Carrier frequency 60 GHz band
  • Maximum data rate(for SISO) 13.1 Gbps (using 256 QAM)
  • Connection setup time 2 msec or less
  • Connection topology 1-to-1, bi-directional

Icoteq Ltd have been working on first generation TransferJet products and developments for several years now and have significant in-depth experience of what this powerful technology is capable of, even in it’s present form.

“The evolution to TransferJet X is incredibly exciting as it makes the exchange of staggering amounts of data an almost inconsequential activity to the user.”

If you would like to discuss your own TransferJet developments with us at Icoteq, please contact us through our website at www.icoteq.com.